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Zach Oyebi | Spring Hill

I needed some work done on 2-in-1 Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series, because it was running extremely slow and sluggish. I reached out to Chris and from the beginning he explained everything clear and concise and upfront, he kept me updated the entire process, and considering that we are in a global pandemic had my computer repaired and up and running again in a reasonable time. The computer runs great and boots up without any issues, and I use it on a daily basis. The pricing was great and the work is quality! I have had zero issues since he has returned my computer (even front porch delivery after he completed it!). I have recommended him to others that have asked if I knew of Anyone who works on computers. I will definitely go back to him if I have any issues or anything in the future and would recommend his services to my closest friends and family. If you want to Solid quality work done locally at a reasonable price I would definitely recommend going with Chris.

Julie Holt | Spring Hill

Chris helped me build an e-commerce site for a nonprofit. We had the skeleton of a site, but with his help, adding an online store with products and services was seamless. The site was easy to use, (even for a not-so-tech-savvy person like myself) and the user interface was also intuitive and easy. Even after the initial build, when we had questions or additions, those were a breeze and Chris provided great support. He will always be my first call when I need tech services! 10/10 would recommend.

Diana Jaser | Spring Hill

I have an old Toshiba that was running slow and was outdated. I contacted Chris, and he performed an assessment for free and gave me his best recommendation. He suggested to increase the RAM and updated all software. He was thorough, agile and charged a very reasonable price. I totally recommend him.

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